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How to get the Aspose Java API Examples into IntelliJ Project

There is enhancement in the features provided by the Aspose.Total Java for IntelliJ IDEA in release v1.1, now you can also get the Aspose Java API sample codes into your IntelliJ Java Project by the ease of just selecting couple of options.

First of all create a Java Project by using Aspose Project Wizard, by selecting your Aspose Java API and Clicking on Finish, Wizard will download the selected Aspose Java APIs and create the project.

For complete step by step wiki about Aspose Project Wizard for creating project, click here

For Aspose Examples, here is the complete step by step flow of getting Aspose Java API Examples into your IntelliJ Java Project :

  1. Select New from the File menu OR Right Click on the created Project and Select New
  2. Click Aspose Example
    Aspose Example option
  3. Aspose Example Dialog will appears as below, now select the Aspose Java API from drop down list
    Aspose Example dialog
  4. Selected Java API examples will become visible in a tree format organized list, now select the example code you think you need, as shown below:
    Aspose Example Selection
  5. Finally, the selected example source code will get inserted under src folder within a newly created package in the project as shown below:Aspose Java API Example

Congratulations!, the downloaded / created example is ready to be evaluated / enhanced as per your usage requirement.


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